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South Norfolk Council – Delivery of Support
As people are being told to stay at home to restrict the spread of COVID-19 it is important that vulnerable people receive the support that they need. South Norfolk Council has created community hubs in line with government requirements. To access help through the hub then please contact Jake Kubala and Andrea Owen on 01508 533826 or email [email protected]
For further information South Norfolk Council

Norfolk County Council News Release May 15th 2020

Norfolk Police Domestic Abuse


South Norfolk Environmental have reported they are getting far more black and green bin material than they usually get, with people clearing out garages and sheds during lockdown. They are requesting, If people can space out there rubbish that would be less likely to lead to a log jam at the centres during this current crisis and with recycling centres being closed.

We are now entering gardening season and the brown bins could have the same problem, so if people could compost rather than put in brown bins it would help.

Door Step Scam
Sadly, we have been informed that in Norfolk people purporting to be from the British Red Cross are knocking on the doors, of the elderly and vulnerable taking their money for shopping and not returning. People are also going into peoples homes with testing kits that don’t exist. Please be mindful of this if you know of vulnerable or elderly people and ask them to be vigilant regarding visitors offering help and to never offer card details or money.

Covid -19 Malicious communications
In this time of National emergency, we’re more vulnerable to cyber crime and phishing attacks through phone calls, texts, social media and email. These attacks are trying to access anything from identity information to bank/credit card details. You may have robust security in place but please remain vigilant.
If you receive any unsolicited communications asking for bank/credit card details or containing weblinks/attachments, please DO NOT make contact or click on/open items – just delete.

Parish Clerks Coronavirus Information
Thurton – Coronavirus offer of help

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