Parish Information


Financial Year Ended 31 March:  2016 2017
Item of Expenditure Actual Budget
Attendance  62  
Audit Internal 60  70
Community Projects 211 211
Donation Beccles/Bungay CAB 25 25
Dog Waste Bin Emptying  63 62
x  0 0
Insurance 406  500
Legal Advice
Maintenance 75
 Mapping 28   30
Mileage Allowance 59 142
Office Supplies, Photocopy, Print 256 170
War Memorial 100
Postage 28 30
Publications/Booklets 19 45
Subscriptions 261 280
Internet/Telephone Expense 90 90
Training 105 105
Use of Office 52 52
VH Grass Cutting Subsidy 190 190
VH Lets Subsidy 500 500
VH Meeting Rent 150 150
Bramerton Group Youth Work 100 100
Capital Expenditure  562 400
Thunderer 536 712
S137 Expenditure 8 8
Wages 2562 2,588
Total Expenditure 6408 6860
Funded By:
Precept/grants 5500
Interest Received       2
Bottle Bank Income   200
 brought forward 2719
VAT Refund
Total 8421

Services we offer

Allotments: none are available.

Burial Grounds and closed church yards: Thurton PC does not administer either of these.

Ashby & Thurton Village Hall and Playing Field is an independant registered charity (charity number 303890) managed by the Village Hall Management Committee. Thurton PC is a trustee. Thurton PC makes a letting subsidy £500 and a grass cutting subsidy £190 to the management committee.

Bus shelters: Thurton PC has 2 bus shelters.

Public Conveniences: there are no public conveniences in Thurton.

Agency agreements: agreement with S Norfolk District Council to have bottle bank. The bottle bank is sited on The Street, Thurton opposite the George and Dragon Public House. Money received from this site is used to reduce the precept for the village.

Litter bins: Thurton PC supplied three litter bins on the A146 in Thurton. The bins are emptied by South Norfolk Council (SNC).

Dog Poop Bin: Thurton PC has 2 Dog waste bins. The bins are emptied by SNC. The Parish Council makes an annual payment for this service.

Salt Bins: Thurton Parish Council has supplied three salt bins. These are sited on

  1. Vale Road Thurton,
  2. A146/Ashby Road junction and
  3. Cookes Road Thurton.

Salt/grit is supplied by Norfolk County Council

Notice Board: a Parish Council notice board is positioned at the A146/Ashby Road junction in front of the Old School building.


Lists and Registers

Lists and Registers (available for inspection on application).

Assets Register: the assets register is held by the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Register of Members Interests: held by the Monitoring Officer at South Norfolk Council and by the Clerk to the Parish Council.   Declaration of interests Thurton Parish Councillors

Register of gifts and hospitality: available on application for inspection to the Clerk to the Parish Council.


Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for the Conduct of Council Business

Code of Conduct. It was resolved to adopt South Norfolk’s Members Code of Conduct with immediate effect from 31 May 2012 Declaration of interests Thurton Parish Councillors

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Data Protection Policy: Thurton PC complies with the 8 data protection principles.

TPC Standing Orders adopted 19 May 2011 Amended 28 Jul 11 Reviewed 29 May 14

TPC Financial_Regulations Reviewed 29 May 14

Training Policy


How We Make Decisions

How we make decisions

Proposals are placed on the agenda for a Parish Council Meeting. The Council considers proposals and its decisions are recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Minutes are normally available on this web-site within 2 months of the meeting. At least three councillors must be present at a meeting to make a quorum. Parish Council Meetings are normally held bimonthly on the last Thursday of every other month.
South Norfolk Council (Planners) consult Thurton Parish Council on planning applications. The Planning Authority requires the council to consider planning applications and a reply within 21 days; to facilitate this the council may hold a planning meeting in a month for which a normal Parish Council meeting has not been scheduled. Proposals will be placed on the agenda for the meeting.

Agenda for meeting: published on Parish Council Notice Board and Village Hall Noticeboard

Minutes will be published on the Parish Council Noticeboard within 2 months of the meeting.

Reports presented to Council meetings will normally be presented as an appendix to the agenda.

Responses to consultation paper will normally be recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which they are considered.

Responses to planning applications: are promulgated in the minutes or can be viewed at

Bye-laws: none by Thurton PC – however, it should be noted that the District Council has a bye-law designating the whole of South Norfolk a prohibited dog fouling zone: offenders may be fined.

Priorities and how we are Doing

1.   To achieve quality status; Thurton’s Clerk has achieved the quality qualification CiLCA.
2.   To achieve the objectives and aspirations of the parish plan.

Parish Plan: A copy of the current plan was distributed to households in 2006 link:, A copy is available from the Clerk to the Council on application.

Annual Report to Parish: An annual report is distributed at the Annual Parish Meeting, a copy was forwarded to every household in Thurton. A copy is to be published on this site and may be downloaded or a copy can be obtained from the Clerk.



Additional Financial Matters


Auditor’s Report –  2015

Budget Expenditure – see budget on this site

Borrowings: Thurton Parish Council has no borrowings

Grants Received: Thurton Parish Council has not applied for any grants.

Grants Given in 2013 and budgetted for 2014:

  1. £500 to Ashby & Thurton Village Hall
  2. £190 Playing Field Grass Cutting Subsidy
  3. £100 for Church Youth Club leadership
  4. £25 for Citizens Advice Bureau

List of current contracts awarded – None

Members allowances and expenses: No members allowances are paid but ad hoc travel expenses are paid.