Thurton Parish Council is an elected first tier local government organisation and as such is a separate legal entity.
Duties: to protect and promote the interests of the community.
Representation: The Parish of Thurton is represented by seven Parish Councillors who must live in, or within 3 miles of, the Parish of Thurton. Councillors are elected every 4 years. Elections were held in May 2019
Councillors elect a chairman at the annual parish council meeting in May. Councillors make a declaration of acceptance of office and agree to be bound by the Council’s Code of Conduct. Councillors are to attend meetings; are to manage the council’s funds lawfully and are to ensure adequate financial controls are in place.

Duties of Chair: chairs meetings, encourages debate, ensures discussions are kept relevent and only
allows decisions upon items on the agenda. The Chair also chairs Parish Meetings when present and
represents the council at meetings of other organisations.

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