How We Make Decisions

How we make decisions

Proposals are placed on the agenda for a Parish Council Meeting. The Council considers proposals and its decisions are recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Minutes are normally available on this web-site within 2 months of the meeting. At least three councillors must be present at a meeting to make a quorum. Parish Council Meetings are normally held bimonthly on the last Thursday of every other month.
South Norfolk Council (Planners) consult Thurton Parish Council on planning applications. The Planning Authority requires the council to consider planning applications and a reply within 21 days; to facilitate this the council may hold a planning meeting in a month for which a normal Parish Council meeting has not been scheduled. Proposals will be placed on the agenda for the meeting.

Agenda for meeting: published on Parish Council Notice Board and Village Hall Noticeboard

Minutes will be published on the Parish Council Noticeboard within 2 months of the meeting.

Reports presented to Council meetings will normally be presented as an appendix to the agenda.

Responses to consultation paper will normally be recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which they are considered.

Responses to planning applications: are promulgated in the minutes or can be viewed at

Bye-laws: none by Thurton PC – however, it should be noted that the District Council has a bye-law designating the whole of South Norfolk a prohibited dog fouling zone: offenders may be fined.

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